I am a scientific programmer for the Digital Humanities Lab (Utrecht University) and the Amsterdam Music Lab (University of Amsterdam). I studied Musicology and English Literature at the University of Hamburg, and Composition and Music Production at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. After my MA in Hamburg, I moved to the Netherlands, where I did internships at STEIM and the Digital Arts Lab to deepen my interests in composition and music education.

In 2012, I started my doctoral research at the Dutch Meertens Institute and the Music Cognition Group of the University of Amsterdam, applying computational approaches to study melodic stability in the Meertens Intitute’s Dutch folk song collection, leading up to my doctorate in 2018. My dissertation, titled “Retained or Lost in Transmission? Analyzing and Predicting Stability in Dutch Folk Songs” can be found here. Since 2017, I support other social sciences and humanities researchers to collect and analyse research data with web applications.